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New, New, New … THE BEST

New, New, New … THE BEST

Ageing skin – a problem as old as mankind.

Modern technologies and innovative research make this dream come true now. Visions give rise to innovation.

Pure Perfection 100 N® THE BEST with the MBR® FibroBoost Complex, developed exclusively for MBR® expands its range with three new high-quality products.

THE BEST Night Mask
An extraordinarily powerful, targeted cream mask that reaches the deepest layers of the skin and unfolds its activating effect over night.

THE BEST Golden Eye Patches
Extraordinarily potent, targeted Eye Patches of 24-carat gold for the eye area, which give the skin a sensationally radiant look.

THE BEST Hair Boost
Uniquely powerful, targeted hair serum for fuller, stronger hair.

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